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An Official BLACKMOOR™ Setting

In the words of Robert Kuntz, co-author of Dungeons & Dragons Supplement I - Greyhawk,  "All Roads Lead to Blackmoor."


Within the pages of this book, you will find maps and writings by David Arneson as he recounts the events and people in his Blackmoor, a living game environment that gamers are still experiencing over 50 years later.

With the emergence of more historical documents, it's undeniable that Dave Arneson pioneered the play methods used in every role-playing game since the birth of Blackmoor in 1971.

His invention is both a new kind of game like no other in history and a complex imaginary world that has come to be known as the first fantasy campaign.

A complete flip-through of the book.

Blackmoor Foundations is the most comprehensive collection of ephemera from the early years of Arneson's Blackmoor ever published. It's a treasure trove of gaming history.

Covering a period from 1971 to 1985, these documents reveal how Arneson's Blackmoor campaign arose from a few simple referee notes and maps to evolve into an extensive imaginary world with multiple referees and over a hundred active player personas.

Each set of document reproductions comes with commentary by Griffith M. Morgan III, co-director and writer of the documentary film Secrets of Blackmoor. He guides you through the complexity of Arneson's creation, including its game history and world lore.

This collection, much of which has only recently been discovered, is an astounding glimpse into the historical writings that remain from Arneson's life. Yet, it can also be a guide to creating your own version of Blackmoor for you and your friends to play in.

Blackmoor Foundations is a must-have reference book for your games library, whether you are a historian, a gamer, or both.

Table of Contents:

“All Roads Lead to Blackmoor” 1

The Blackmoor Campaign Overview  3

Blackmoor Cartography 6

Blackmoor Rough Sketch Map 7

Blackmoor and Environs Map 9

Blackmoor Mimeo Map 11

The Mimeo Map with Borders and Domain Names 13 Blackmoor Town Map 15

The Southern Frontiers Map 17

The Fletcher Rendering of Blackmoor Town 19

Blackmoor Surrounding Landscape Map 21

Blackmoor Isometric Maps 23

The Notices from Corner of the Table Top 32

The Spanish Royals Character Matrix 37

New Discoveries from the Fletcher Collection: The Blackmoor Sagas 40

The Fletcher Sagas 41

Return to Black Moor 43

The Dungeons of Black Moore Castle 61

Into the Depths of Blackmoor Dungeons and Back 67

The Blackmoor Gazette and Rumor Monger & The Lock Gloomen Reports 76

Gertie Has Kiddies 77

“Castle Burned While Heros Away” 79

The Loch Gloomen Report 81

Later Writing About Blackmoor 84

General Improvements to Blackmoor Castle 85

Dateline Blackmoor 89

Myth and Mythos 93

Arneson Showed the World a Whole New Way to Play Games 103


Tech Specs :

  •     First Edition Paperback

  •     Perfect Bound

  •     109 pages 8.5" by 11"

  •     Gloss Color Soft Cover

  •     70lb bright white uncoated paper with color ink

  •     $39.95 US


Author: Griffith M. Morgan III

Editor: Sara Veglahn

Design and Layout: Chris Graves

Cover Dragon and Spears Illustrations: Dave Arneson


Special thanks to the Northern Marches Historical Society who consulted on this manuscript:

D.H. Boggs
M. Calleia
N. Lalone
A. Winter


Additional Research Consultation: Paul Stormberg, The Collectors Trove


Many Thanks To:
The Estate of David Arneson (Malia & Luke)
Ken Fletcher for revealing so many precious Arneson papers.

David Megarry, creator of Dungeon! Family Board Game, for the use of his Blackmoor town and world maps. Helen Nicholson and Daniel Nicholson Jr. for the Spanish Royals Character Matrix.


Published by The Fellowship of the Thing, Ltd. Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Printed in the U.S.A.

BLACKMOOR™ is a trademark of the Estate of David Arneson, LLC. Used under license.

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