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History, Maps, and Lore: 1971 to 1985

The Early Fantasy RPG Works of David Arneson

Co-Creator of Dungeons & Dragons


An Official BLACKMOOR™ Setting


In the words of Robert Kuntz, co-author of Dungeons & Dragons Supplement I - Greyhawk,  "All Roads Lead to Blackmoor."



Within the pages of this book, you will find maps and writings by David Arneson as he recounts the events and people in his Blackmoor, a living game environment that gamers are still experiencing over 50 years later.


Tech Specs :

  •     First Edition Paperback

  •     Perfect Bound

  •     109 pages 8.5" by 11"

  •     Gloss Color Soft Cover

  •     70lb bright white uncoated paper with color ink

  •     $39.95 US

BLACKMOOR™ is a trademark of the Estate of David Arneson, LLC. Used under license.

Blackmoor Foundations

Expected to ship third week of June, 2024
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